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The Novi Awards: Entry Form

2024 Novi Awards Entry Form
This is the Entry Form to be used by applicants.
PLEASE NOTE: this application form DOES NOT auto-save.
We recommend that you copy the questions and then prepare your answers in a separate document and paste your final answers onto the form prior to submitting it.

How did you hear about the awards?

Tell us more about yourself

Position/ Job

In addition to your Job Title, do any of the following apply to you?

Please provide a brief biography (published in all marketing materials verbatim)

Please attach a recent professional/corporate photograph for use in our brochures and online should you be shortlisted
The file should be named with your name
It should be of just you with no branding or logos or other people
Minimum of 300dpi resolution or 3MB file size

Picture upload

Company name

Company description (max 50 words)

How many people does the company employ?

What industry does the company operate in?

Website link


Please look at the list below and pick which category(ies) you would like to enter

Entrepreneur Categories

Corporate Categories

Joint Categories

Judging Criteria

Please provide evidence -based answers against each criterion , relevant to the category you have chosen. Remember, this is to assess you in your career, not your company

1. Leadership, Strategic Direction and Personal Resilience

Please provide a brief overview of your career path to date, current role, outlining key responsibilities, how long you have been in the company and role and what has been your greatest business achievement to date?

2. Commercial Awareness

Please explain why you have entered this category, evidence of success and reasons why you should be considered as a finalist for this category.

3. Community Impact

Please provide examples of how you personally (not your company) are supporting other women and the wider community as a role model. (e.g specific mentoring or outreach programmes with local schools, community groups, charities )

Any other thing you would like to add?

This section is compulsory for entrepreneurs.
Applicants need to provide evidence to back up their success. You can also provide a link to public company house records to support your application.
If you have entered an Entrepreneurship category and the following information is not complete, your entry will not be carried forward.

Financial Performance of the business

Annual Turnover

Please attach copy of proof of financial performance

Please upload anything else you feel would support your application. This can be a link, references etc.

Link to companies house record


Please note that full participation in the Awards Programme is a prerequisite of applying. We wish to be fair to all those who enter so you MUST be available to attend on the day.
Attendance of finalists at the Awards ceremony is a key element of the success of the Awards and creates great networking and learning opportunity for all who attend.
Not attending the Awards Ceremony may result in your entry being withdrawn from the process

Interview attendance

I understand that if I am shortlisted, I will attend the Live Online Judging Interview on 10th October
Interview attendance

Award attendance

I understand that if shortlisted, I will attend the Leadership Summit and Award Ceremony on 22nd November in London
Award attendance


I understand that my entry may be moved to another category/categories if the judges think it appropriate

Novi Promotion Opportunities

As part of the Novi Awards & Summit process, we provide several promotional opportunities for our applicants, finalists and alumni. Please select which opportunities you are most interested in.

Promotional opportunities


True & Complete information

The information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I agree to my application being considered by the Judging Panel
True & Complete information

Authorization to release and use data

I hereby authorise the release and use of my name, business name, likeness, recording of my voice and my photographs including videotapes or other forms of media to Novi. I agree that no compensation shall be due to me or my company for such usage.
Authorization to release and use data

Mailing list

I want to be added to the mailing list to receive news and updates from Novi
Mailing list

Equality & Diversity

Please select your age range

Please select your ethnicity

Where are you entering from?